GAME ARTS 🎮 Workshop with NRW Artist Award winner Leonie Wolf 🎨

Create art through games: In her workshop, Leonie Wolf will give you an introduction to game arts and 3D modelling and talk about her experience in game development.

Leonie is passionate about creating digital worlds for video games and won the NRW Artist Award for her work in 2017. She has specialized in 3D Game Arts. She has already exhibited her projects at various game festivals. Together with Cube Factory she released her game Kyklos Code on Steam at the end of 2017. In addition to her job as a 3D all-rounder at Flying Sheep Studios, she gives game development workshops.

Leonies Twitter Account here

The workshop is open to all and is aimed primarily at girls and young women with an interest in game development. For a better planning we ask for the following information with the application: Age? Do you already have experience with Game Development? If so, with which programs? What are your interests in Game Development?

28 September 2019, 13:00-18:00h


Night of Culture at the Verschwoerhaus: Let’s play to save the world 🎮 and generative art by Bleeptrack


Change the world for the better with video games! Teenagers in the Jugend hackt Lab have programmed and designed video games. Come and play! There is also bleeptrack’s generative art for “take away”.

Jugend hackt Lab: meetings from July regularly in the Verschwoerhaus

The Jugend hackt Lab:Ulm opens its own space for you in July to experiment. Come with your ideas and present them in the Lab. Don’t you have a concrete project and are looking for inspiration? Don’t worry! Be inspired by others or ask for small challenges in the lab. As with the workshops, our great mentors will accompany you in the lab as well.


23. July 2019, 17.00-19.30h

6. August 2019, 17.00-19.30h

13. August 2019 17.00-19.30h

JH Lab:Ulm starts with Game Jam Workshop: “Let’s play to save the world 🎮”

Climate change really sucks? Without previous knowledge you can turn your ideas for a better environment into videogames! With the Game Jam Workshop the regular Jugend hackt Lab offer starts in Ulm. In a Game Jam you invent and design videogames together in a short time. You will be accompanied by our Jugend hackt mentors. Your games can then be presented by you at the Night of Culture on 21 September in the Verschwörhaus and played by Night-of-Culture-visitors.

13 July 2019, 13:00-18:00h