If you have visited our Salon, you may know: there is such a thing as a built-in cabinet paradise. Naturally, over the last few months, stickers and other decorative elements from events that happened in our space tried to pretty up the cabinet doors. But what should we do with the cabinets that are over the typical arm reach?

Now, the top doors are covered with an offline version of the Chrome(-ium) There is no Internet connection game. This game can be displayed on the page that appears if the browser doesn’t recognize an internet connection by pressing the space button on your keyboard. (If you don’t want to disconnect your internet, simply visit chrome://dino)

Fortunately the game assets are licensed under an open and free License, so we can find the used sprite for the game in the Chromium source code. The sprite contains the t-rex, the cacti and all the other graphical elements of the game.

To bring it to a nice size for our cabinet doors, we’ve vectorized some of the elements. If you want a omg, the internet is disconnected t-rex too, you can   download the files here (zip).

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