Der Verschwörhaus e.V.

The Verschwörhaus e.V. is a registered, non-profit association in Ulm and supports the volunteers with activities in and around the Verschwörhaus - such as the organization and handling of workshops and events, with sponsorships and with the offer of the Jugend hackt Labs.

Do I have to be a member of the association to be active in the house or to do anything?
No, because of the support of our external sponsors we can open the Verschwörhaus to all people without having to rely on membership fees for rent etc.

For all things concerning the association you can reach us best at vorstand (at) verschwoerhaus (dot) de.


You want to join our non-profit association? Please send us an email to vorstand ÄT with your name, e-mail, postal address and a short description why you want to join and how and where you are active in the past at the Verschwörhaus.